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Residential Electrical Repair

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Finding an electrician you can count on to handle all of your electrical repairs efficiently and safely can be tough. You want a professional and friendly crew who will tell it like it is and not charge you through-the-roof rates. So, how do you find that electrician? Just call The Generator Guy LLC!

Our team of residential electricians work on homes just like yours on a daily basis, making sure their electrical systems are up and running, functioning smoothly, and don’t have the potential to be dangerous.

Think there’s something strange going on with your electrical? Don’t risk the wait. Call The Generator Guy LLC today.

We’ll Fix All Your Problems!

The residential electricians at The Generator Guy LLC know the ins and outs of every electronic appliance and system out there. If you’re having problems with your household electrical, you can find all your answers with us.

  • Lighting
  • Outlets
  • Breakers
  • Appliances
  • Heaters

While there is a solid list of regular problems we find ourselves dealing with, we can tackle the not so regular as well. Small or large, repairs are our expertise and we’re happy to help.

Electrical wiring repair

When it comes to electrical systems, wires are everywhere! They help to power and connect, but can also cause a lack of power and disconnection when malfunctioning. Frayed wiring could be the cause behind flickering lightbulbs, and if your home has older knob and tube wiring, it can be the cause of a host of other problems.

Electrical outlet repair

Outlets have a high potential for danger when they malfunction. Burning smells, marks, sparking, or a lack of use are all signs that something is very wrong. Call The Generator Guy LLC immediately and we’ll see just what’s going on in your walls!

Fuse box repair

Fuse boxes that are tripping or emitting strange sounds should be looked at by professional electrical contractors. As the fuse box controls your electrical supply, it’s something that you want to be in perfect working order at all times.

Ensure Your Safety

At The Generator Guy LLC we go out of the way to ensure that your home is the safest it can be. This means that when we’re called for even the simplest of repairs, we’ll also inspect your electrical system to make sure that there aren’t more problems waiting to happen.

Sure, that one outlet may just have needed replacing, but if there is a wiring issue that could affect your other outlets within a few weeks, it’s best to get that taken care of before you have real trouble on your hands.

Your Local Electricians

The Generator Guy LLC is a crew of certified residential electricians who are dedicated to the work they do. Educated with many years on the field, when electrical repairs are necessary, we can do it all.

Having an electric repair company that you know and trust on your speed dial is a huge relief as a homeowner, and at The Generator Guy LLC our goal is to build these lasting relationships with clients.

Give us a call today. We’re looking forward to helping you fix your electrical issues.

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